Another The Sims 4 Mobile is rolling out

“The Sims Mobile” is the name of the latest project by Electronic Arts and Maxis. The app is based on the old successes of the series and should put the world back into Sims fever. The new smartphone app will be based on the PC game “The Sims 4 Legacy Challenge”. The new app is developed by the creators of the series The Sims and SimCity and is inspired by the “The Sims 4 Legacy Challenge”.

In the PC and console game you can shape the life of the so-called Sims. As a single player, you create different characters, determine their appearance, their characteristics and their social interaction. You build cities and houses for the Sims and decide which profession a Sim chooses, whether he or she has a career and starts a family.

In this respect, the game services are tied to the respective platform. The Sims Mobile is based on the Legacy Challenge. That means you start out as a penniless Sim and play across generations. For your Sims, you choose life and career goals that need to be achieved, let them celebrate parties, fall in love or start a family.

the sims 4 mobile download
Playing The Sims 4 Mobile will turn your world upside-down!

This update brings so many new improvements

Players create Sims and build a successful family across generations by unlocking and collecting heirlooms. As players progress, the heirlooms offer various in-game benefits that make it easier for their Sims to achieve their life goals. In just 5 minutes you can have your SimCash and Simoleons on your Android or iOS. Click on the blue “Online Hack” button and off you go.

Another WLF is wandering outside in front of the shop. Wait until he gets near the laundry and silently kill him too.

It also happens that you like to continue playing on the tablet, because it is easier to move the carpet there. The events that the Sims have to do have timelines.

If the contract is canceled, the bonus expires in the last month of the contract and the final bill is not credited. Sims Mobile will appear as a free download for iOS and Android. Players can interact with other players’ Sims at parties or in the city in new ways and use stickers to compliment them.

How to achieve success in The Sims 4 Mobile

In addition, by reaching goals, you collect valuable lifestyle points that you also invest in new objects. By completing quests, you will also unlock additional pets and many additional game options. Credit is only possible with an active SIM card, with a blocked one, the bonus expires at the end of the contract month.

Wait for two of the WLFs to come around the corner and talk. One of them goes to the next room on the right, the other comes to you. The other WLFs outside cannot see the body there immediately. Kill him silently and then grab his buddy next door. Instead, the two go to the next room together, sneak through the door next to the shelf and grab one after the other.

If you have completed all of the quests on the waiting list, there is an option. But you decide whether a Sim should die or not.

On the other hand, The Sims 4 Mobile is a game that players won’t let go of once you start. So it becomes a real hobby to devote every free minute to your Sims. And if you think about how much money you spend on your car, for example, then you can get over the extra euros. After all, you get many hours of fun. The operation of the game is not very intuitive at the beginning and requires a long familiarization phase.

You don’t have to update your phone to play it

So how do you delete and reset your progress or progress on Sims Mobile? The reason for this lies in the monetization, in the model of free downloads with many payment options.

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So the items are not sold but moved to an invisible warehouse. You can take the items out of this warehouse at any time and place them in your household. You can edit your Sims at any time, not only for the look and outfit, but also for the Sim name and gender.

The Sim usually starts on an empty plot with only a bed and a toilet. It is still unclear whether exactly this scenario also applies to The Sims 4 Mobile. There may be other challenges for the player to choose from – or, similar to “The Sims FreePlay”, he has to achieve certain goals with his Sims. A lot of additional content can also be expected in The Sims 4. Some people may be bothered by this, since you can buy the main game at full price and have to pay extra for each additional content.

The game keeps changing for better

A Sim’s career and decisions affect the options and résumés of children and grandchildren. The goal is to build a successful life across the Sims generations.

If the Sims are in different places, it can quickly turn into stress, as there is always a need to switch back and forth. Unfortunately, what is possible in the PC version in the form of Sims 4 is currently not yet possible with Sims Mobile. So far, we have not been able to find an option to remove a Sim directly, let alone delete a Sim from a household. Only later in the game can you send a Sim into retirement and then remove it from the household. Tap on the picture frame and here you can select the Sim and “let it pull out”.

The Sims mobile was announced for iOS and Android. The mobile offshoot should be strongly based on The Sims 4. So it will probably be about creating new Sims and starting and managing a family or

At this point it is exceptionally possible to give a tip on how to do this when restarting Sims Mobile. This is closely related to the question of how to save and transfer your score.

Don’t wait and try The Sims 4 Mobile from our devs today

You will be redirected to the Sims Mobile SimCash Cheat and you will be amazed how fast it goes. So don’t wait any longer and just let your Sims sleep in the best bed and cook in the best kitchen! In terms of content, there are no limits to you, according to creative director Brandon Gill.

As always, you are free to customize the character, appearance and living space of your Sims. Compared to the previous The Sims apps, the creator is more extensive and looks better, but there are not all options of the desktop version.

In the settings menu in the sidebar (available under the gear at the bottom), you will find a whole range of connection options. You can use all of this to transfer your account and score from one device to another. Of course, the EA account is a good way to skip the system limits of Android and iOS.

The game works on both Android and iOS without any issues

So if you have this question, I can easily give you a tip. There are certainly other reasons why you want to start over with Sims Mobile.

Apparently this doesn’t only work for retired Sims but also for children. You can also receive heirlooms by sending them into retirement. Together with its label for computer simulation game Maxis, Electronic Arts is launching a mobile version of The Sims.

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This is solved well by numerous written instructions or arrows. There are many stories of different characters and secrets to discover in the city. At parties or in the city, players can meet and communicate with other Sims in multiplayer mode.

Like the full version on the PC, you can create a unique Sim, build your dream house and track the professional career of your alter egos. There are also some social interactions with other players available to you. For example, you can present your city to other The Sims Mobile players and exchange ideas.

The story of The Sims 4 on mobile devices explained

to shape their lives with our fingers by touch. We design a Sim, build it a house, send it to work and meet new people. We can be curious to see how it feels mobile.

Stickers can be used to express what you are feeling. Since the game is free, it is funded through in-app purchases and advertising. According to Tencent, around 95% of violations on all platforms are automatically penalized by the game’s security systems. The remaining 5% comes from players who have been reported as suspicious by competitors, so the company can build a larger software database.

Has there been a function in the meantime with which you can delete a Sim in Sims Mobile and have it moved out of the household? The Sims Mobile is a new offshoot of the classic video game The Sims, which you can play on the go on your mobile phone or tablet.

Much is like in the real world, except that you can influence more yourself. It is a simulation of life without a specific game goal like many other games.

The developers polished every single detail

SFP Sims also don’t get tired and hungry when they work, on the contrary. If they have nothing to do, they lose their inspiration more quickly. Accompany your life from childhood to old age and determine your CV! If your Sims make the leap up the career ladder, they can afford new objects and decorative items with the well-deserved Simoleons. The selection of items in the free-to-play mobile game is huge and, in addition to embellishing your dream house, can help make the life of the Sims more pleasant.

The player’s drive is to give the Sims a “good life” while playing The Sims 4 Mobile. Unlike in the PC version of The Sims, you cannot sell the items in the new Sims Mobile.

A real-time countdown shows how long it takes the character to complete the task. Waiting times can be reduced by SimCash or various actions. However, the energy of the Sims decreases when the actions are carried out, so that this function is not endlessly usable. There is no “queue” function for tasks like in a computer game.

Summary – this version of the game is pure perfection

The last WLF is on the roof of the store. Shoot him down when you’ve finished everyone else or climb the ladder on the building and surprise him.

briefly the impulse when the app boldly spent my Sim Cash for an acceleration without asking again. Then you would definitely like to delete the progress of the game. Usually I wouldn’t write an article here. On the one hand not because it is usually not possible and on the other hand we do not want to bring any empty items here.